Cancer Support Community Gala
Cancer Support Community Gala

Thank you for choosing David Ackel and his team as your auctioneer. Being a world class Auctioneer is about more than just talking fast. The importance of hiring a professional benefit auctioneer, that can artfully connect emotionally with the audience, will result in a great deal more revenue for your non-profit. The knowledge of how bidders think at fundraising events helps set us apart from other charity auctioneers. It is my belief that I can raise more donations at your live auction event than anyone.

The organizations I work with spend countless hours in preparing their event for success. The goal of most of these non-profits is to raise funds to operate their organization throughout the year. Whether it is selling items or simply asking for money through “fund a need”, my belief is that no one can attain the levels of donations I can. I combine professionalism that has been polished over two decades to perform as an entertainer, fundraiser, and auctioneer. My experience has taught me that a professional auctioneer who has perfected their craft and has the rhythmic chant, that is essential to success, ultimately increases bids.

I strive to create a partnership with the non-profits I work with that allows us to meet the same objectives and in turn everyone wins. I have found this develops a “relationship of trust” and has been the most important aspect of my career. This belief comes from over 23 years of experience providing organizations with a safe, non-confrontational exchange between donors and non-profits. Our services include professional bid callers, professional ringmen, and auction consulting services.

Our Benefit Auction Technology

David Ackel has established relationships with auction technology providers that could increase the revenue for your charity event. Whether it is concierge bidding, touch screen bidding, or cell phone text bidding, we can discuss a solution that best fits your needs. Our experience shows that many of the technology services offered today significantly increase silent auction revenues.

Benefits our technology vendors can provide include, streamlining the check out process to reduce the number of volunteers needed and eliminate those tedious silent auction “bid sheets” These can be replaced with description sheets through technology bidding. Additionally, the capability of patrons to bid anywhere and anytime before and during the event has proven itself invaluable. When large donors are out of town, this technology will allow them to continue to bid at their convenience and on their terms. Lastly, auction technology can afford your organization with the capability to leverage it’s marketing efforts with a blast e-mail or text message, prior to the event. This will encourage and remind patrons to make event ticket purchases, as well as, describe actual live and silent auction items available the night of the fundraiser.

The technology offered interfaces with most non-profit software packages. This will allow staff and volunteers to efficiently process multiple invoices for patrons and create efficient staff reporting. The financial analysis from these reports can be used in the debriefing stage of the event planning process to address strengths and weaknesses experienced throughout the event.

While a concern could be cost, we have found that many Corporate sponsors are very open to discussing underwriting the live and silent auction programs. We have had a great deal of success helping our clients position the marketing strength of this technology service for corporate funding.

The first step in this process would be to discuss whether technology services are a good fit for your event. A one on one consultation might be appropriate or attendance at regularly held seminars could help educate your organization to effectively respond to the needs of your fundraising patrons through technology bidding.

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