Business Liquidation Auctions

There may come a time that your company requires the services of a Business Liquidation auction company. Whether you are deciding to retire or to simply move your career in a different direction, our services are invaluable. You can rest assured our dedicated team of professional auctioneers and layout crew have your best interests in mind.

Ackel Auctions has over two decades of experience in liquidation auctions from all facets of the economy including, but not limited to: jewelry stores, furniture stores, furniture distributors, industrial machine shops, antique stores, bank ordered liquidations, bankruptcy/trustee sales, golf and tennis companies, sporting goods stores, lumber distributors, roofing companies, and many, many more.

Naturally, you are busy and may not have the time to painstakingly classify and label every item you’d like to sell.

Moreover, if you choose to “Do it Yourself”, what we typically see is the best inventory is “picked over”, leaving you with leftovers that never get sold and nobody wants. At our live auctions, everything is sold on Auction day and you receive one check. You can sweep the floors when we are through, and you are free to focus on the next stage of your life.

Our team of experts will come to your location, analyze what you have to offer, and give you a realistic assessment of what you can expect. At David Ackel Auctions, we’ll do all the advertising and work. You can simply provide us with the the items you’d like to sell in order to turn your life’s work into a comfortable retirement income!

Keys To Successful Business Liquidation Auctions

  • Pictures of all products
  • Clearly written product descriptions
  • Fair market value prices
  • Availability of open houses to view items


For Buyers

Business liquidation auctions are a great way for fledgling businesses to find the products they need to get started. Whether you need fax machines, phones, desks and chairs or company vehicles, computers, printers, and tools, you can find these essential office supply items at our auctions. Another popular category found at business liquidation auctions is construction equipment. Tractors, forklifts, drilling rigs, excavators, graders, generators, trucks and cranes are commonly up for grabs. Auction services help you get the best deal on used equipment to add more to your bottom line.