Community leaders, realizing a critical need among impoverished families in the San Antonio inner city, created Hope for the Future as a way out of the cycle of poverty for their children. Hope for the Future is making the dream of a Catholic school education a reality for hundreds of these families by awarding them with tuition assistance to help cover the cost of their child’s Catholic schooling. Hope for the Future serves those families who team with Catholic schools to grow and mold children whose success can be measured both by their career achievements and the lasting acts of charity that ripple through the San Antonio community and beyond its borders.

The Khaki & Plaid Gala is one of the largest fundraisers for Hope for the Future. The Khaki & Plaid Gala is the premier event recognizing the importance of Catholic school education in the San Antonio community. This fun event brings together 1,300 guests, all of whom, support Catholic school education in San Antonio. Thanks to the generous underwriters, sponsors, silent and live auction donors and event attendees, the Khaki & Plaid Gala helps provide critical funding that is distributed in the form of tuition assistance to families and students in financial distress.

Since the inception in December 2006, Hope for the Future has awarded over $12 million in tuition assistance funds to 9,800 students. Each year, however, children remain on the waitlist – waiting for funding. This waitlist motivates Hope for the Future staff, community leaders, and generous corporations and foundations to renew the commitment to achieve higher development goals.

It is estimated about 7,000 children are in need of tuition assistance to attend the Catholic school of their choice in the Archdiocese of San Antonio Catholic school community.

The goal at Hope for the Future is to fund every deserving child whose family seeks the faith-filled and academically rigorous education at Catholic schools. Several development measures, including solicitation of donations from businesses, alumni partners, universities and individuals as well as grant requests from generous foundations are undertaken.

Hope for the Future serves any family in San Antonio and the outlying communities who seeks a faith-filled and rigorously academic education for their child or children at one of the 43 Archdiocese of San Antonio Catholic schools. Hope for the Future, offers hope for a brighter future for families who despite great sacrifice, need some help to send their children to an Archdiocese of San Antonio Catholic school.

The proven benefits of a Catholic education are evident in the students who each year graduate as college-ready, community-minded leaders. Hope for the Future also serves the administrators, staff, teachers and families in Catholic schools by funding projects that build up their campuses including grants for infrastructure, special programs, and curriculum and technology enhancements.

The Hope for the Future Development Board is a partnership between the Archdiocese of San Antonio and concerned business and community leaders to develop the financial resources necessary to strengthen Catholic educational opportunities for all children. The Development Board accomplishes this monumental task by providing tuition assistance for eligible families who wish to send their children to an Archdiocesan Catholic School and by providing grant funds to schools for curriculum, technology and facility improvements. The Hope for the Future Development Board is committed to building up the children, teachers and Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio so our future leaders will be sound in mind, body and spirit.